it's gonna be ME



hey cole

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Saved URLs 


If you’re looking for a new URL? I’ve saved some for IM5

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I’ve got some IM5-URLs saved, so message me if you’re interested

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IM5//Original Songs (Inspired by x)

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I was watching IM5’s “Best of 2013” Mash up and then Dalton sang

But you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…


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wait.. my bio says i’m still 18.. i’m not.. i’m 19.. well, well

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the walton song

the walton song

NOTES holy flying cow

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i’m sad 

and i just don’t feel like being here and seeing all the pictures without him

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I combined the two clips together.

So, here’s “Save Your Love” c:

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Dana pls


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Say It



So sad that we’ll never get a studio version. D:

Does anyone know which Australian band bought it? I want to hear what they did to the song :P

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im5 cole gif - Google Search on We Heart It.


im5 cole gif - Google Search on We Heart It.

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Anonymous said:  will u come to Baton Rouge Louisiana anytime soon plz im such a big fan but i cant come and see u preform cause ur too far away from where i live. & will u post on ur facebook or twittwer or one of those things when u will be doing a ustream plz so i can join in on it. and it wont matter if im doing school cause im homeschooled :) thats 's convienent right!!!! thx keep up the good work and dont ever loose ur <3!!!!!! :P :) :D

I’m not IM5, but you can find them here:

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